Importance of Pet Dental Care

Puppy with toothbrush

Just like in humans, maintaining good oral hygiene for pets is very important. Without proper oral care, your favorite furry friend will develop dental issues that can lead to serious health problems. Pets’ dental diseases affect the gums, the structures surrounding the teeth, and the teeth. As is the case with humans, dental problems begin with the buildup of plaque on teeth. The contents of plaque include food particles and bacteria, which harden to become tartar.

Your veterinary professional can easily remove tartar from your pet’s teeth and gum line. Pets’ white teeth can be deceiving. The tartar that gets below the pet’s gumline is dangerous because it causes inflammation and damages the teeth’s support. This situation leads to infection, and the pet will develop serious pain and dental issues. According to Fetch by WebMD, over 80 percent of dogs above the age of three have periodontal disease.

Signs of Pet Dental Disease

Since most pets are like members of the family, their behavior change will be an indication that they have a problem. However, pets are not in a position to explain their behavior change, so you should look out for signs. If you discover that your pet has one or more broken teeth or has lost some teeth, take the pet for an exam.

Bad breath is an indicator of infection in the mouth. Bleeding gums and painful chewing also indicate dental disease. If you notice excess drooling from your pet, take them for a dental checkup. Animals with dental ailments feed poorly or refuse to feed at all. Swelling on the tongue, gums and cheeks also call for further assessment.

Dental Care for Your Pet at Home

Professional dental care for your pets is important. However, you can still practice good oral health for your pets at home. Brushing your pet’s teeth regularly prevents plaque and bacteria buildup. Invest in pet-friendly brushing tools. Make the process fun so that the pet does not refuse to cooperate.

Get dental treats that help in maintaining oral health. Use dental toys that are designed to clean and freshen your pets’ mouths. Feed your pets a balanced diet free from excess sugars. Remove hard foods that may break your pet’s teeth from their diet. Put a bowl of water next to their feed so that they can rinse their mouth after feeding.

Why Is Pet Dental Care Important?

Just like humans, pet dental care is very important. Proper dental care for your pet prevents early teeth loss. It keeps the pet’s mouth smelling fresh and healthy. You don’t want to shove your pet away every time they come near your face due to bad breath. A buildup of plaque on your pet’s teeth leads to cavities and gum diseases.

Some gum infections can sneak into the bloodstream and cause problems in major organs. Painful periodontal diseases from poor oral hygiene interfere with the pets’ feeding patterns. If the pet feeds poorly, it affects its overall health. Consult with your local vet and come up with a comprehensive dental care plan for your pets.


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